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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yep, I got sessions!

So, I met with Jon the trainer (with no h!) at the gym today. He is quite the chatty and energetic person (half our session was chatting due to both of our chatty personalities!).  I felt totally comfortable while he weighed me and did the pinch test and all that (literally, he grabbed my fat and measured it, yikes!).  I made sure to note that I had already lost some weight and am just trying to step it up one notch at a time on this life long journey that I have started.  I went in to talk about my shin splints and ended up talking about a whole lot more!  We talked about running, shoes, working out, weddings (he is getting married soon too!), goals, and all that.  I think that he will be an amazing motivator for me.  He was 100% confident that I could make it through this 4 miles in May and thinks I can be down to about 190 pounds by my wedding too!  I ended up getting 4 sessions with him and we are gonna meet once a week for a month to start off.  He is going to teach me HOW to run.  It is more than just taking off and running, it is a science.


Today I woke up determined.  I woke up determined to make the best choices and have a good attitude.  I woke up and said "Damn girl, you look good!" Just like I said I would. 

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