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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Don't bother

Good morning everyone! Just a quick post...

I work up this morning and decided to make my favorite breakfast! English muffin, egg white, and cheese sandwich!
Doesn't it look delish?! 5 pointsplus :)

BUT, today we have a problem...

I did a little grocery shopping last night at Target.  I don't usually get my groceries there but I was not in the mood to go to Cub so I picked up a few things.  They did not have the sliced cheese I normally get so I decided to try this.
ICKY! It is NOT delish at all.  I am SO disappointed.  It is only one point per slice but is SO NOT WORTH IT!

Have you found foods that are so not worth it? Please share!

1 comment:

  1. You know what it not worth it? The 100 calorie packs (like the Cheez-It ones). They are 3 points, and about 3 bites! Maybe if I stop to savor them one at a time it would help... I have to break those old habits! :)