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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Clearly this is not a race.

Hi Everyone!

Life has been SO crazy the past few months. Work, traveling, exercise, family...all is well but I have sure been busy.

I am writing today for myself. I have had a tough 2 weeks where I have felt like I have just given up. I had been working so hard, feeling so good, but when life got busy it seems like I almost forgot that I am a "weight watcher". It truly reminds me that this is NOT a race, this is a LIFE LONG journey. With our recent trip to Kentucky I was unable to attend my last meeting and I know I will be missing next week because of a work Christmas party. I sometimes slump into "f**k it mode" when I know I wont be seeing my girls on Tuesday nights. BUT, I will be going Tuesday morning instead and hopefully seeing my Shelby on another night to just hang out and chat! Emily, are you in too?!

Anyway, I am rambling and my post will most likely be all over the place tonight. At least I am here!

I can't tell you enough how important a support group is. Not a "support group" but a group of people who support you no matter what direction you are going in. I have that group and I want to thank them daily for always being there for me. Mom, Emily, Shelby, and are amazing and I owe so much of my success to you. Every time I feel like quitting, giving up, and saying "F**k it", you are there to lift my spirits and put my ass right back into gear!

Another thing that keeps me going is looking back at "Old Serina". The girl that didn't care to be healthy and the girl that thought everyone loved me for "who I was". Although, I know each and everyone of them DID in fact love me for who I was. That was why I just didn't seem to care about my weight and health. Now, I love me. Then, I did not.

Here is a look at the "Old Serina" and also the "New Serina"!

January 2009

November 2011

Hope you are all doing well and staying motivated through the holidays. I am hoping to find some fun recipes to share with you! AND keep MOVING! I am learning that exercise is key in a healthy lifestyle!