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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

For Emily.

Today I got send home from work.  I have this stupid cough that just wont settle.  My lungs are on fire and I just cant catch a breath. But, I guess it gives me a good excuse to share with you "my breaking point".

I haven't really felt super emotional about my weight loss.  There are some WW meetings when my fellow weight watchers shed tears as they emotionally speak about their amazing weight loss. Sometimes they are happy tears and sometimes they are struggling tears.  I guess the only tears I have had about my weight over the years where just "fat tears".  When I looked in the mirror and felt miserable.  

Today, I sat down and cried.

I have had people following my blog and my facebook that have commented and shared with me that I am motivational to them. I just can't believe that! It makes me feel SO amazing that people are looking to ME for motivation.  I used to be the girl that would go out with my skinny friends when they needed a "fat" day.  I would eat with them. Now, I can be the girl that my friends want to WORK OUT with and cook with! That is so cool.

Anyway, the tears came as I read my WW friend Emily's blog post called Inspiration.  In this post she says...
Dear Serina,
I appreciate you more than you know!! Thank you so much for your inspiration, your positive energy, and your belief in me all the time.  I honestly didn't even know that I had 1 1/2 mile jog in me.  Old Emily wouldn't have even tried.  You inspire me.
Then, she goes on to say:
"To all my other friends, I hope you have a Serina that helps keep you going.  And to my other supports, thank you for all you do. :-)"
 Is she talking about ME? SERIOUSLY, ME??

Dear Emily,
You have NO idea how much you have changed my life in the last 9(ish) months that I have known you.  YOU inspire ME everyday.  You and Meg are MY rock. You keep ME going.  Old Serina would have quit WW by now.  Old Serina would have fallen off the wagon.  Old Serina would still be obese.  Old Serina would have stopped trying.  Thank you for your support and thank you for being there for me.  You are beautiful and inspiring.  Thank you for being you.  
PS: I knew the day that we met we would become awesome friends. Let's keep kickin' fat ass!


  1. Hey, Serina...I am Emily's mother. No wonder she is inspired by you. You look amazing.

  2. Hope you are feeling better Serina!

  3. Ruth, thanks for reading! Emily is an amazing person...I am so thankful to have her in my life!

    and...Thanks Linda!