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Monday, March 7, 2011

Feeling Sick and Guilty.

So, I work up yesterday with a really sore throat.  I chugged water all day and had a whole bag of cough drops.

Today wasn't any better.  It's weird but when I have a sore throat the only thing that seems to make it feel better is food or liquids.  That is probably just the "fat girl" in me making excuses.  

Last night, Michael and I got Little Ceaser's Pizza. Bad Choice #1.  I went over on my points but I was OK with it.  I was determined to make today better.  I had a great day at work and had 20 points still left for dinner.  BUT, when I got home, the only thing that looked appetizing was a box of Mac and Cheese-Bad Choice #2.  I made it and ate the whole thing.  I even threw a Turkey Dog in there.  With that, my dinner was a whopping 25 points.  Only 5 over but I already used all (plus some) flex this week.

It was just one of those moments when the "Fat Girl" in me was weak.

We will see how weigh in goes tomorrow.  I will let you know!

I have to remind myself to just take it one day at a time.

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