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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I forgot to tell you all about my trip to the gym today! I am actually really excited about it.

I had a few minutes to spare before weight watchers so I did a quick 15 minute mile on the treadmill.  My shin splints were REALLY sucking today so I decided to ask one of the trainers if he had any advice.  He refereed me to one of the other trainers who had just done some "gait" training and was a shin splint pro! He  has a passion for the art/science/form of running.  We chatted for 10 minutes about running and about me.  I told him I was VERY new to running and I am training for a 4 mile run in May.

He asked me to come back tomorrow for an hour long consultation with him.  He will be taking a look into how I run and my form!  He is looking for someone to mentor and was super psyched to meet with me tomorrow! He promised he would get me through my first run.

PS: These were the shoes he was wearing...WEIRD! (and he SWEARS by them!)

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  1. Oh funny! I was going to suggest that you try those shoes when you first mentioned your shin splints!!! I have a friend who had bad knee pain when she ran, until she switched to those shoes - pain problems solved!