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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bring it, 2012!

January 2009
January 2012

Happy New Year everyone! One of my goals for this year is to keep blogging! I have decided NOT to make any weight loss or fitness goals this year as "resolutions". I have done that so many times and have not been successful. I plan on sticking to my plan and to keep doing what I am doing in 2012!

Many of you have emailed, called, and texting asking what I have been doing to stay successful. I have decided to dedicate this post to YOU!

I started my weight loss journey (for the 50th time) on March 16, 2010 at 256.2 pounds. I had been on and off Weight Watchers since I was 15. This time was different. I had my Mom there with me and I was feeling really determined. I was tired of seeing pictures of myself and hating them. I was tired of only posting "head shots" on Facebook. The first month started off great and I was loosing quickly. But, like every other time, it got harder. This time I was not going to give up. I continued to go to my Tuesday night meetings and started to develop relationships with the people there. I met Meg first, then Emily, and Shelby. Emily, Shelby, and I are all around the same age struggling with the same thing. Our weight. We instantly became friends and all 4 of us are still seeing eachother every Tuesday night at WW! We text, call, and email daily and really lean on eachother for support. That is what I truly believe is the #1 reason I have stayed on plan and have been successful this time around. If you have a support group to stick with you, it is that much eaiser. Plus, there is always a bit of friendly competition.

The first 25 pounds was the suckiest. I thought it was such a huge accomplishment but no one really seemed to notice. There was so much extra weight on me, it was hard to tell. That is about when I started to plautou. I was really staying on plan Monday-Thursday but Friday-Sunday I was cheating...big time. That was the 2nd BIG realization I had to make in order to keep loosing. This is not a sprint, it is a marathon. It is something that clutters my mind (in a good way) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is no such thing as a cheat day (although you CAN splurge and enjoy-in proportion).

Tracking is 100000% a must. If you bite it, write it! If you nibble it, scribble it! If you lick it, Bic it! It is amazing how all of those little "bites" add up calorie wise. Alcohol sucks. Well, it sucks to TRACK. It is high points. But, that is what I try and save my flex points for on the weekends.

You cannot let a + on the scale discourage you. It isnt worth it. There are so many things that can effect your weight weekly. Sodium, bloating, that "time of the month", ect. A + every once in a while can be motivating, it means you have to get your ass back into gear the next week!

At this point in my journey, excersize is KEY! My body loves that I am moving more. It craves activity. How cool is that! Zumba is amazing, fun, and just awesome. I do Zumba 2 times a week at the gym and my HRM tells me I burn about 600 calories each session. All it is is a dance party! It is SO much fun and the time flies by. Also, I have my friend Stacey there with me every week to keep me motivited. Thanks, Stac! On the other 4 days (I try and get to the gym 6 times a week) I do either the Precore, Elleptical, or treadmill. My gaol each day is to do 50 minutes although some days it is more like 30 :) As long as I get there! 

I eat what I want. In proportion. I have also made lots of small changes to my diet such as using ground turkey instead of beef and buying "light" versions of things. Fruit and Veggies are "free" in points so those are good fillers anytime.

I am currently 61.2 pounds sexier and weigh 195 pounds. The 200's are in the past and I plan on NEVER seeing that number on the scale again!

That is all I have for you for now. I just finished a 40 minute workout and now the couch and Lifetime TV are calling my name.

Thank you all for your love, support, and encouragment. It is a HUGE part of my success. If I can do it, YOU can do it. Seriously.

Ill end on this note...

If you KINDA do it, it KINDA works. If you REALLY do it, it REALLY works.