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Sunday, February 20, 2011

White Out!

Wow! It is sure crazy outside. Thanks, Minnesota for keeping us on our toes with the weather!

Anway, It's always hard in the winter for me to keep moving.  As you all know, I struggle with my gym membership and would way rather be outside.  Today, Michael and I did it! We bundled up, and walked in the snowstorm!  We both wanted to get some exercise and didnt want to drive.  It was hilarious! I fell twice.  Under all that snow was pure ice! We huffed and puffed through it all and I thought it was a pretty decent workout! The walk home was rough, that wind was chilly!  I am planning to get to the gym on my way home from Michael's tomorrow-as long as I am not snowed in! I also am REALLY thinking about purchasing the PS3 Move bundle...Does anyone have it? Or recommend it?

On another note, 6 months from today I will be a married woman! Wow, does time fly or what?!

I would love if more of you would comment and be open for discussion on the blog.  I am here to share my story with you and am looking to start discussion!

I am also looking for ways to reward myself.  How do you do it?  I don't have alot of extra money to throw around and I also can't reward with food. Any ideas?

Drive safe and have a wonderful Monday!

Much Love <3

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  1. I know you said that you couldn't reward yourself with food, but maybe you could! There are really good WW options at Applebee's! Or, you could reward yourself by going out and doing something that you really like to do (bonus points if it is an activity that earns you activity points!) and have a little money put aside for those milestones, so then they are extra special! :)