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Friday, February 18, 2011

Is that REALLY what fat looks like?!

Happy Friday Everyone!

I thought I would share with you this disgusting visual I came across on google today...I've dropped 34 of these bad boys! It makes to cringe...gross! This is supposed to resemble what 1 pound of fat looks like.

I am off for an overnight/24 hour shift at the group home tonight.  These can be hard for me...there is not much time to fit much movement in and sometimes there are treats around for the ressies to indulge in! This weekend I am determined NOT to get into them.  I will stick to my points and not go over.

I want to also send a SHOUT-OUT to a very, very dear person to me that has jumped on the weight watchers wagon....I won't say names but you know who you are and I am SO proud of you :)

I need your advice...

I am paying for a Gym Membership that I haven't been using.  I WANT to go...I just find excuses NOT to go.  What do you do to get yourself to the gym? How can I get my motivation back up and running? PLEASE share your thoughts!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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