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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Only in Iowa

So, my wonderful fiance and I spend the weekend in his hometown of Mason City, Iowa.  We always have so much fun! But, I will say that Mason is not so "weight watchers friendly" when we are there for a weekend get-away!

I tried to make the best decisions I could but it was tough! We stayed at Michael's best friend's parents place and boy do they know how to eat! Meat and potatoes all the way! Whenever we walked in the door, there was food ready...the whole 9. Plus, the fridge was full of Moscato and Keystone! Food+Beer=Weakness. For me anyway.

I haven't tracked my points since Friday.  I's not sure what this week will bring as far as weight loss. That is why weight watchers is so cool though, you can still live your life and be successful.  I know for a fact that I made better choices this weekend than I would have a year ago.  That in itself is successful.

Anyway, I got an e-mail from a friend this weekend.  The e-mail was titled "Courage".  Courage is something that we lack sometimes especially with food.  Food sometimes just wins over me. Courage is something we need to overcome though, and this friend really made that clear to me. 

She says "Losing weight isn't just losing weight, it is the courage to show up every week and get on that scale.  Sometimes eager to see the number that pops up and sometimes loathing the experience and wishing it could be avoided while knowing avoiding it is what got us to WW in the first place."

True that, girl. You inspire ME.

What do you do to gain courage? How do you fight the urge?

It seems as if the weather is starting to look up...It help me find the "courage" to get outside and MOVE.  I am looking forward to lots of walking this spring. Stay warm, Minnesota. Stay warm!

Thanks for reading!

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