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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Staying strong when you feel weak,,,

So, today sucked.  That's it.

Woke up to a dead car battery...too dang cold out! Sarah had to drive me to work and Mom picked me up.  On the way to work, i grabbed a quick thing of yogurt and a banana for breakfast...did NOT do it for me! I was STARVING up until lunch at noon (and didn't get time for a break).  The kids were crazy today and I had to restrain...that made my day that much worse! I had a yummy lunch from home and enjoyed it!

Well, after work, Mom took me to get a new battery.  Having a "car guy" as a fiance is awesome BUT i guess i just assume he will take care of it asap...which, he will but i have to remind myself not to take that for granted.  He is busy too. Anyway, he is coming over tonight to take care of it. Thank God for him! Don't know what I would do without him.

After all of the stressful event today and getting home at 7:30pm just makes me want to EAT! It would have been nice to stop at the drive through but today I chose NOT to.

Today I choose to STAY STRONG when I FEEL WEAK.  Food is something I CAN control in my life and work/car issues I CAN'T. 

I just made myself a yummy sandwich for dinner...oat bread, turkey, cheese, lettuce, onion, light mayo, and pickles! Delish and only 7 points! This blog thing is doing exactly what I hoped it would do...I am excited to share with you my good choices and not the bad!

Stay warm friends!


  1. Way to stay strong! Doesn't it feel good when you are able to drive PAST the drive-thru!!!

  2. now it's your turn to inspire me! This has not been so good for the past couple days.

  3. Way to go SEXY girl! You looked absolutely amazing the other night and I look forward to seeing you continue this journey! Wishing you all the best in the world!! XOXOXO ~Deb