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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Today is THE DAY.

I know what you are all thinking..."She must have fell off the wagon" or "Man, I hope she didn't gain all her weight back". Well, I am here to tell you the truth and I am here to start blogging again.

I did, infact, fall off the wagon. Life got the best of me. I ate.

I did not gain ALL my weight back but I did gain some. Maybe 15 pounds or so. I am not totally sure because I have not weighed in for almost 2 months.

During the last few weeks of wedding planning, I felt like a crazy woman! I barley had time to sleep let alone blog. I am full of excuses and none of them are "good", they are just excuses. But, I will say that life is better than ever! During my "non blogging" and "non weigh watcher" time, I got married to my best friend, went on a killer honeymoon, and started to settle life as a "wife". That in itself is a good enough excuse for me. I also learned a very important lesson...Weight loss is NOT a diet. It is totally a life long journey. I excaped from my good habits of eating and excersizing and look what happenend...I gained weight. Funny, isn't it?

Today is THE DAY.

Today is the day that I get back on track. I went to the gym this morning with my friend Sara and it was amazing. I truly missed it! I felt great when I was done and can't wait to go back tomorrow. I made a smoothie for lunch (1 cup yogurt, 1 cup frozen strawberries and bananas, and 1 scoop of Whey Protien Powder). I plan to hit up the farmers market this afternoon and stock up on some fresh veggies!

Last night I hit my "rock bottom". I was feeling depressed about the way I had been eating. I guess that is a good thing though, it got me a jump start. I texted my friends Emily, Shelby, and Meg and promised them that I would see them next Tuesday at our normal weight watchers meeting. They are anxiously awaiting my arrival and will be there with open arms. I love having their support and I look forward to seeing their beautiful faces!

Anyway, here I am asking YOU to keep up the support. All my blog followers have been SO awesome since I started the blog. I need you to keep the faith and keep reading! I am hoping to start posting more again and love all your comments!

Don't give up on me :)
Here is what I was up to while I was gone...Getting married to my best friend and #1 supporter :)

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  1. I'm glad excited to see this and I was even more excited to get your text last night! I am here for you 100% my dear!!