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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 2...Back at it!

Well, first off I just have to say that I have SO much energy! I was hoping to get to the gym right away in the morning but I forgot that I had to take one of my ressies to an appointment.

She sometimes needs a little "motivation" for going to appointments and that "motivation" would be a run through at McDonalds. We stopped for breakfast and ice cream and...I passed!

Nothing for me, I had a granola bar and some fresh cukes from the farmers market in my purse!

After I dropped her off, I was headed to the gym! I was feeling tired but it is time to get serious! I had a kick butt 35 minute workout on the elliptical. 3.5 miles and 381 calories burned! I feel great!

I am just thrilled to be back in the "zone". Thanks for your support and advice.
That's all for now :)

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  1. Whoo-hoo Day 2!! Sounds like it was a good one my dear :) Keep it up and remember I am here for you no matter what you need!!!