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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday!!

No time for blogging yesterday...we had some serious car issues and have been doing some car shopping. RIP Bucky....

I got to the gym again in the morning with Sara! We really worked it....It is really important to have a workout buddy. It keeps me accountable.

We started with 30 minutes on the Precor and 22 more minutes on the treadmill! We were just chatting away and the time flew by!

I am super anxious and excited for Tuesday. It will be my first weigh in in 2 months...I am nervous to actually see my gain and paper but I am SO pumped to see Emily, Meg, Shelby, and all my other WW friends :)

we are having a BBQ at our place. Football means....BBQ's and BEER, I havent used any bonus points yet...cheers to that!

I am off to spend the day with my Mom-HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMA!

Have a healthy and happy weekend!

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