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Thursday, April 14, 2011


I am having a really hard time this week getting back on track.  I want to blame it on my lack of groceries, lack of time, and stress.  But, that is just not fair.  I need to make time for ME.

Tonight I kicked and screamed my way to the gym after work.  I was fighting a migraine this afternoon and just wasn't feeling up to it.  After work, I just drove.  I pulled into the parking lot at the gym and there was no turning back.  I just so happened to get there RIGHT at 6:00pm.  Little did I know, that was the start of Jon's hour long boot camp.  I walked in and he sucked me right in.  I guess it was just that little extra push I needed.  I worked out the 4 other women of all different fitness levels and it was great! I am assuming I will hurt tomorrow!

There are 2 really special people in my life that I want to thank for always being there for me.  I can send them a text or call and they are right there....pushing and encouraging me. You know who you are...Love you both :)

Sometime I want to just give up and quit.  It seems like too much work.  
I have come WAY to far to quit.  I decided to start fresh after tonight's workout and KEEP MOVING!

Weight loss isn't easy. Weight loss isn't fast. Weight loss is a lot of frickin' work.


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  1. I am so glad to see that you are writing this out. You know you can do it - you just need to believe it. There is not a morsel of food or tasty beverage out there or night on the couch that is worth more than you stretching, reaching, and obtaining the healthier state you are aiming to hit. Sure, we will stumble, we will fall, but if you reach out, I will reach back. Hugs and cheers - the back row posse.