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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

After you fall, get right back up!

The start to my week last week was pretty great! I was feeling good, gettin' my move on, and over all feeling great.  I stuck to my points and was ready to conquer the "wedding weekend". Mike and I headed to South Dakota for his cousin's wedding.  It was a long over due mini vacay for the both of us!  The weekend was AMAZING. SO much fun, laughter, and an amazing celebration for Kristina and Kevin. Plus, I felt amazing in my new dress!

 Ghetto Workout Room at the Hotel. Made it 2 miles Saturday morning!
 We clean up well :) Looking and feeling GREAT pre-Wedding!

Weight Watchers approved? No. Fail.

I lost control on Saturday night and didn't regain it until Monday. I binged. 

I dreaded going to Weight Watchers tonight.  I felt embarassed of my loss of control.  I texted 2 of my friends yesterday telling them about my mistakes.  They were both there to hold my hand and make sure I got back on track.  One friend reminded me "one foot in front of the other". And that is JUST what I did.

I gained 1.4 pounds this week. It could have been worse. I refuse to get down about it.  It was worth it this week-Maybe I needed to fall down...maybe I needed a reminder to pick myself up and keep going!

I am determined this week to live by "Healthy Serina".  I am determined to keep my body moving and remember how GOOD I feel when I make good choices.  Everyone makes mistakes and it is up to me to get right back on track.

PS: Shin splints are a Bitch.  I am out of running for at least a week.  Low impact and lots of ice for this girl.  They tend to flare up once in a while but after my outside run around como park yesterday they are MISERABLE! Jon said to ice, ice, ice, and stay low impact.  We will see next week how it goes.  I will get my cardio in this week with the ellipitcal and bike. SHIN SPLINTS WILL NOT STOP MY FROM RUNNING WW 5k on MAY 22!!

Have a happy and healthy week, all!


  1. You are amazing. You inspire me. Even in weeks that aren't the best.

  2. Keep it up Serina! Your positive attitude is going to make all the difference this week! Good luck! See you Tuesday

  3. We went to a wedding that weekend, too. Keith and both fell off the wagon, and we both gained 1 pound back, but it was both A) worth it! and B) just a little hiccup in the road to Skinnytown!

    You're amazing and I'm proud of you!!