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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ahh, Spring is in the air!

Finally! Today was beautiful! I was determined to make today right after a lot of eating out this week and late nights at the bar with my friends.  Sarah P was in town for the week so the festivites were keeping me busy. 

My cousin Duke came over to my place today to hang with Mike and I.  He brought his rollerblades and we headed to Como Park to play! We spend an hour following him around the park and got a great walk in! The park was crazy busy...everyone was in need for fresh air. It was so refreshing.

This kid can skate! He had a blast...Thank goodness for fresh air!

Here are a few updates... (since I have not been able to blog daily)

Here are my new kicks! Amazing. They don't fix my shin splints but they sure are better than what I had!

My new addiction: Coffee, Raisen Bran, and Strawberries! Delish. 6 pointsplus.

Brought to you by the K-2 FAN classroom! We supplied this awesome fruit and cheese tray for treat day! It was a hit and totally healthy!

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  1. Serina-I LOVE raisin bran coffee and's a great breakfast! Trader Joe's has my favorite raisin bran, the cereal and raisins always seem fresh :)