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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One Stick of Butter Today

Down 0.4 pounds this week for a total of 43.0 pounds! It could have been better...It could have been worse! Considering my week I am totally OK with that number on the scale.  I need to learn to embrace those -0.4's and -0.2's because ANY thing down is...down! And for your information...0.4 pounds is the same as 1stick of butter!

I met my new friend Kala at the gym right after work.  We hit up the treadmill and I jogged 1 mile and fast walked the rest.  We did some floor work after and it felt great!  I was taking it a little easy today because tomorrow I meet with Jon (my trainer) and I am sure he is gonna kick my butt!  Another thing I am learning about exercise it that it clears my head.  I had a very emotionally wearing day at work and left with a heavy heart.  I cried the whole way to the gym.  Once I started running, I was able to release my sadness, my anger, and my thoughts.

Today's run/walk!
At the meeting tonight we all got super stoked for the WW Walk-It Challenge! We are creating a team of our Tuesday night crew to do the May 22nd WW 5k!  If you are in the meeting with me, please see me if you would like to join. We are brainstorming team names and t-shirt ideas as we all could use the most encouragement we can get!  If you are free that day and are not interested in participating, please come cheer us on! It will be my personal 1st 5k! It is in writing...we are on the list!

We are IN!

After the meeting I headed out to dinner at Chili's with Mom, Meg, and Emily.  We have a really fun time together!  We were able to get to know each other a little better and talk about our awesome team :)  I just can't wait to cross the finish line with these girls!

Chicken Fajita's: Delish.

Here is to another healthy and active week. Get out there and kick some butt!  Remember, If I can do can you!


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