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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Don't Worry! I am BACK!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all have missed my blogging just as much as I missed it! The last few weeks have been nothing but crazy! Crazy in a good way anyway!

Here is a quick update on my life and then I will get to the good stuff...weight!  Mike and I moved to Vadnais Heights last weekend.  I was offered a job that I just couldnt pass up and that is why we are in the northern suberbs.  I was offered my old job back and with a few days of decisions, Mike and I decided it was an amazing oppurtunity that we just couldnt pass up. I am now (again) the Live in Program Director of Enrich Inc's Suzanne Home. We live in a basement apartment of a 2 story home and run, manage, and care for 4 adults with disabilities.  It is a challenging yet very rewarding position that I love. We are thankful to be living here, rent free, and starting off our marraige without that financial burden. Our apartment is beautiful and Mike is enjoying transforming the backyard! Also, both our kitties seem to be getting along fights every now and thats normal :)

Back to the good stuff....

The last few weeks have been a total emotional weight loss game for me.  I had not been tracking as well as I should have but did stay on my workout plan.  The last 2 weigh in's have been a shot in the dark and to my surprise have been both in the right direction! down!

4/26/11 -1.6
5/3/11 -1.4
for a total of........ -46.6 pounds! whoop whoop! I am currently 9.7 pounds away from my wedding goal! Also, I am only 3.4 pounds from 50! That is totally doable....It is still 4 months away!

I keep looking at my weigh in book because I just dont believe it. I do not remember the last time that I was 209 pounds. I started my journey at a whopping 256.2 pounds and am now at 209.6. Seriously, the 100's are in sight! I do NOT remember the last time that the scale had a 1 in the hundreds place. I am assuming it was in middle school. For my wedding, I am determined to weigh 199.9 or less.  For once, this is a goal that seems so realistic. I am so close!

Thanks to all of you who have supported my journey the last year and a half.  It will be a lifelong one.

PS: I am still kicking some butt at the gym. I am loving it! My shins arent any better so I have not been able to run therefore I have been kicking some serious ass on the eleptical! I love that machine! I am currently doing about 30-45 minutes a session and really think that it is stepping up my weight loss!

And, dont worry...I am back!

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